Why I Wrote a Devotional Book That Encourages Sacred Talk

I see myself as one voice in the Sacred Talk. It is informed by my own experiences and point of view. At times I hold steadfast beliefs that are based in the Holy Bible and shared by many Christians. I state these views plainly, firmly, or with a strong sense of conviction. Other times I draw on the words or thoughts of others, I recognize different traditions interpret the same Scriptures differently, I wonder out loud about some matter, and/or I ask questions. In these cases I am not necessarily declaring a singular, absolute opinion or point of view. At all times I’m encouraging you to use your own voice as you respond to what you read. This is a devotional book. It asks you to think, ponder, and pray. But it’s also a book that purposefully encourages you to learn, share, and speak. It is a book that embodies my belief that we are called to be in relationship with God and one another, and these relationships inherently require authentic, loving, and consistent communications.

Latina holding Sacred Talk Devotions book

This book is not my attempt to present you with a singular, comprehensive theological worldview. My theological understandings are, however, undeniably Christian and most would consider my writings as part of the mainline Protestant tradition of the Christian faith. As often found within this tradition you’ll find I ask many questions – to myself, to God, to others, and often towards you as the reader. Each question is meant to encourage us to continue the Sacred Talk.

It is my hope that this book inspires my fellow Christians to engage in genuine Sacred Talk with others – others within our church walls and the others that exist beyond our church walls. Many of these devotions, in fact, assume that the reader is a person who identifies with the Christian faith. As Christians, however, we know God is not confined to our own religious institutions and the Holy Spirit moves wherever it will. We know that many of our churches have “open doors” that welcome everyone to attend one of their services. And we know none of us hold total ownership over holy conversations, but rather God can choose to speak to any of us through anyone at any time. SACRED TALK: DEVOTIONS TO ENCOURAGE HOLY CONVERSATIONS, is, therefore, ultimately written for anyone who has a genuine desire to engage in Sacred Talk regardless of how you may, or may not, identify yourself religiously or spiritually.