7 Tips to Engage in Sacred Talk

1) Your opinion matters. Truly! So do the opinions of others. Truly! In most cases the best course is to ask a question (or express some thoughts you have) after reading one of the SACRED TALK devotions.  Then listen to others before you speak.

2) Be courageous in your search for truth. Share your opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and stories. As important, be loving and respectful towards all the other humans who are also seeking truth. It’s not about you, it’s not about them, it’s about our mutual desire to respectfully and lovingly engage in Sacred Talk together.

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3) Be open to the possibility of learning something new, even if you consider yourself an expert. Remember that we are all children of God, we are loved by God, and we are covered by the grace of Christ. Our lives are more than a summation of all of our successes and mistakes! Allow yourself the opportunities and possibilities to teach…and to learn. We’re all growing, maturing, and discovering more.

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4) Commit yourself to speaking in a spirit of love, truth, and mutual respect. We can’t love if we’re unwilling to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We can’t be vulnerable if we’re unwilling to speak truthfully. We can’t freely speak our truths if we believe we are in unwelcoming environments. And we’ll never find welcoming environments to speak unless we’re willing to allow others to also speak their own truths.

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5) Don’t fake it! Some of you are extroverts, and some of you are introverts. Some of you enjoy talking with anyone while others of you only like talking with those in your inner circle. Many of you will decide who you approach will depend on the topic matter. Some of you may feel more comfortable speaking in person while others of you may prefer online conversations. Be yourself, yet willing to grow, as you become comfortable, called, and ready to engage in Sacred Talk. If you want to take the SACRED TALK book into your family, church, or social circles as a way to have Sacred Talk – that’s fine! If you only want to read it and talk in the privacy of your own mind or home – that’s fine! God is always there. God is always listening. You can take all your thoughts and questions to God in prayer! You can also talk with me as the author of this book. In fact, SACRED TALK provides you with blank lines after each devotion so you can offer your responses. You can answer the author’s questions, ask your own questions, write about how you agree with her thoughts or points, how you disagree with them, provide your own observations or language to describe whatever topic she is discussing, etc.

6) If you’re a planner! Make a plan for Sacred Talk in your life. Consistently spend time reading the devotions in the SACRED TALK book and/or in other devotional books. Pray regularly. Read the Scriptures. Watch or listen to shows that include Sacred Talk. Attend Church regularly. Engage in service, outreach, care-giving, social justice or missions. Go to a class or event that encourages Sacred Talk. Regularly visit with those people in your life who embrace Sacred Talk and then visit with those you think don’t embrace it…you may be surprised!

7) Do you like spontaneity? You may want to demonstrate your openness to all the unexpected opportunities for Sacred Talk that can occur in your life. So…smile at people more often. Don’t be seen as one who is quick to judge others, quick towards anger or self-righteousness, or the type of person who creates a general “do not disturb” vibe around you. Try not to rush everywhere you go so you have time for unexpected conversations. Tell folks about one of the devotions you’ve read in SACRED TALK and ask if they have any thoughts about the matter. Go to a class or event that you typically wouldn’t go to and be the one who encourages Sacred Talk. Invite others in your neighborhood, life, home, church, backyard, workplace, favorite hangout, etc. to simply tell you what’s on their heart or mind. Sometimes it can be that simple!

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