For centuries humans have come together to discuss spiritual matters and to find meaning in their lives. Today a human's worth is often reduced to their roles as a viewer, worker, voter, and consumer. The world is increasingly filled with constant communications yet humanity is regularly distracted from devoting sacred time in their lives to intentionally consider & discuss the spiritual matters that actually matter most.

SACRED TALK: DEVOTIONS TO ENCOURAGE HOLY CONVERSATIONS is a unique devotional book. It provides inspiration and enlightenment that encourages people to learn more about spiritual matters through their readings - and through the sacred practice of transformative, holy discussions.

Each of us is a person gifted with a "soul."

Every person is seeking meaning, purpose & truth.

We are all worthy of giving & receiving love.

Your voice, beliefs, emotions & experiences matter.

We are all capable of stability & change.

We can all join in the SACRED TALK!

Topics Discussed...

Charity, Money, Wealth
Comfort, Hope, Healing
Contentment, Happiness, Joy
Creation, Nature, Stewardship
Decision-making, Wisdom
Divine Presence, Incarnation, Scriptures
Evangelism, Sharing Faith, Witnessing
Faith, Faithfulness
Faith & Society, Following Jesus
Forgiveness, Reconciliation
Freedom, Unity
Gentleness, Kindness, Mercy
Gratitude, Thankfulness
Parenting, Family, Children
Patience, Waiting, Inner Peace
Prayer, Listening to God
Salvation, Born-again, Resurrection
Sin, Selfishness, Suffering
Spiritual Growth, Christian Living
Trust, Surrender
Worship, Church

About Ruth Hain Romberger

Ruth Romberger is a retired United Methodist pastor, a daughter of two ministers, a preacher’s wife of fifty years, a mother of clergy, and a relative to ministers and educators representing various Christian traditions. She has also been a church secretary, a choir director, a teacher, an Avon lady, a census taker, a preschool director, and a marriage counselor. Whether in the church, her family, or in the world, Pastor Ruth Romberger has dedicated her life to ministry, education, counseling, and encouraging others to engage in Sacred Talk.


Devotional Titles Include...

A Healthy Argument * Be Still * Divine Love
Don’t Stray * Facing Forgiveness
Food for the Hungry * Holy Dirt
Hope for the Real World * In Search of Happiness
Jesus’ Kindness for Women * Living Life to the Fullest
Making Decisions Biblically * Mutual Agreement
Never Give Up * Patiently Waiting
Restored Relationships
Seeing Possibilities and Problems * Spiritual Awareness
Successful Living * The Gift of Music
The Simple Things * The Value of Gratitude
The World is a Broken Toy * Trust or Fear?
We Continue to Learn * We Grow Through Losses
We’re All Welcome in God’s Family
What a Friend We Have in Jesus * What is Sin?
What is Your Hurry? * Why Does God Allow Blessings?
Worship Transforms Us * You Can Do It!

From the Publisher

“In SACRED TALK:  DEVOTIONS TO ENCOURAGE HOLY CONVERSATIONS, Ruth Romberger thoughtfully provides us with over 150 spiritual devotions. These devotions collectively remind us that we all have the ability to transcend the divisiveness, conflict, and hate that permeates many of our communications.  She encourages us to consider how people can embrace the stability that can come from scripture and traditions, while equally embracing the unique spiritual experiences of individuals and humanity’s ability to use common sense and reason.  She fully embraces many traditional beliefs while also encouraging us to engage in holy dialogues with others in a spirit of mutual respect, openness, love, and a willingness to learn, listen and grow.  She invites us to join, and to rejoin, the centuries-long journey of SACRED TALK – anywhere we can and with all who may wish to join us.

-Blessem Communications LLC

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